• In our ongoing commitment to provide the very best for each and every customer, we never stop searching for leading edge materials to get you recognized. This allows our customers to shape and issue high quality content  to their audience time and time again. Roeda creates a solid and dependable graphic resource to get the job done.

    Adhesive Vinyls and Polyester:

    Pressure Sensitive White, Yellow or Clear Vinyl
    Super High Tack ‘Polycal’ White, Yellow or Clear Vinyl
    Pressure Sensitive White or Clear Polyester Film
    Opaque White & Removable Low Tack Vinyl
    Reflective White Vinyl
    Laminated Vinyl or Polyester Decals
    Static Cling Decals
    Chrome or Brushed Silver Polyester Decals
    Velvet Textured Polycarbonate Decals

    Signs substrates of all kinds:

    10-18 pt. coated Cover Paper Stock
    24 pt. Poly-Coated Outdoor Solid White Poster Board
    50 pt. Solid White Two-Sided Poster Board
    3/16 inch White Foamcore
    ¼ inch White Gatorboard or Ultraboard
    3/16 inch to ½ inch White Coroplast (Fluted Plastic)
    .020-.060 White Polystyrene
    .023 White Polyethylene
    .035 White Polyethylene
    .055 White Polyethylene
    1/8 inch White PVC Plastic
    ½ inch White PVC Plastic
    .020 White Aluminum
    .030 White Aluminum
    .040 White Aluminum
    .063 White Aluminum
    .080 White Aluminum
    .019 White Magnetic
    .040 White Magnetic

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