Energetic, Efficient & eco-friendly

Bring new life to your existing sign with high performance, energy efficient LED lights.

Be done with high-maintenance fluorescent lighting and at the same time improve your sign’s appearance, reduce energy costs and cut down on your carbon footprint with an LED retrofit. That’s a win-win for everyone. Trust our team to replace your existing lighting with hassle-free LED lighting today.

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The advantages to switching to LED make retrofitting a no brainer.

Signage restoration

Be sure to ask us about our expert signage service as well. We’ve been installing and maintaining signs for over 6 decades. We have the knowledge and the team to get your sign looking and running like new.

  • Visually stunning 
  • Color consistent 
  • Economical   
  • Environmentally conscious   
  • Less maintenance 
  • non-invasive process 
  • Recoup retrofit costs quickly


We love finding solutions for our client's projects! Shoot us a message and a signage specialist will be glad to help.

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Whether you’re a designer or marketer with ready-to-print files or starting your next promotion, our expert design team can work with a variety of file types and will provide you with proofs for your approval before we go to print.

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