Visibility & strength

Set yourself apart with stately pylon & monument signs

Whether your business is in a more residential area or along a dense highway, these sturdy and stately signs are the perfect way to get recognized and set yourself apart. Pylon and monument signs excel as high-visibility signs that also enhance your business's property and landscape. They typically sit lower to the ground and connect with both current and prospective customers. Let our team of experts design and install your next pylon or monument sign.

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Pylon and Monument signs are very similar, but each have their own benefits depending on the location of your business.

Best Signage for you

Monument signs are perfect for residential settings. They stand no higher than five feet tall and connect with consumers and clients at eye level. They enrich your company’s landscape while welcoming people to your space. In contrast, pylon signs are designed for businesses, institutions, and campuses in more dense settings along the highway in order to be visible from a distance. Let us help you design and install your sign.

  • School campuses 
  • shopping centers 
  • business parks 
  • banks 
  • corporate headquarters 
  • hospitals 
  • dealerships 
  • industrial developments


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