Electrify Your Messaging

bring life to your message with electric message centers

Say precisely what you need to, and so much more, with expertly crafted and installed Electric Message Centers. EMC signage enhances your aesthetic, helping your company stand out from the crowd. Our specialists will have your new signage created and installed in no time, allowing your company the power to say it all to both current and potential customers.

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Need help with your current EMC board? We can update you to the current existing software so you can start sharing your message with your customers!

More than just a message

When you have more to say than a traditional sign but still want the attractiveness and charisma of one, Electric Message Centers are for you. The ability to completely customize your unique company message creates a warm handshake to customers while providing a friendly invite to see what you're all about. We won't just get you the sign. We'll expertly install it for your business, too.

  • School campuses 
  • shopping centers 
  • business parks 
  • banks 
  • corporate headquarters 
  • hospitals 
  • dealerships 
  • industrial developments


We love finding solutions for our client's projects! Shoot us a message and a signage specialist will be glad to help.

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Whether you’re a designer or marketer with ready-to-print files or starting your next promotion, our expert design team can work with a variety of file types and will provide you with proofs for your approval before we go to print.

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