A CLEAR choice: When And Why To Clear Coat Your Decals

If you’re from the Midwest, you know just how brutal those winter months can be. On the flip side, you’ve experienced a summer day where you just knew the sun would melt you by the time the evening rolled around. You think you’re safe in the spring or fall? Good luck with bundling up in the morning and being drenched in sweat by the late afternoon. Whether you’re in the Midwest or not, weather can be very unpredictable. That rough weather can have a negative impact on your decals. Should that fact be allowed to “rain” on your parade? We don’t think so. A clear coat on your decal is the extra means of protection you’ve been looking for that keeps your decals looking great and performing their best.

How exactly do we clear coat your decals? To answer this, we have to take a step back and explain what exactly this ‘clear coat’ is. A clear coat is an additional layer of ink added onto your entire decal. As described in the name, this layer is clear, so that your bright company colors shine through in all of their glory. You can think of this top layer as the ‘helmet’ of your graphics; it’s a little bit of added insurance they will be safer and protected from the outside world. Not to mention, it gives your decals an added touch with a gloss finish. To add one to your decals, you don’t need to do anything additional, besides let us know you’re looking for that extra touch. So, the real question is: should YOU clear coat your decals?

Just like people, all decals are different. With decals that are so diverse, it’s easy to see that some will have different looks and conditions they are put in (and some may need more care than others). If your decal consists of 4-color process printing, visually stunning colors, or has heavy ink coverage, a clear coat would is not necessary, but is a recommendation from our team. Those colors should stay powerful and true to your brand. Perhaps the unit placement could lead to overexposure of the sun, which could cause your company colors to fade slightly faster. An extra layer of protection could help prevent this and other changes like this, while working to prolong the decal’s overall life.

Your decal is the face of your company and the first impression a potential customer is going to get of you. That impression should always be its best. You can’t have the weather jeopardizing the image of your company. A clear coat enhances the durability of your overall decal. Plus, on average a clear coat can add up to 1-2 years of life to your decal. That’s a significant amount of time for you to have longer client exposure, as well as a large weight off your shoulders knowing the environment won’t have such a strong impact on your decals. So, the next time you’re looking to protect that beautiful, vivid decal of yours, make the clear choice.