East Coast Customer Trip

In our instant world of communication, it’s incredibly easy to get comfortable talking to someone on the phone or shooting a text or e-mail. Why not? It’s convenient and can easily be done on the fly. Call us old-fashioned, but we feel like there’s nothing quite like speaking to someone in person. We want to know and understand our customers, which gives us valuable insight as to how we can truly help them flourish with the right graphics. These realizations led to our very own Ryan and Jake packing their bags and heading out to the East Coast to meet some of our fantastic clients. We wanted to show them we’re interested in them and their facilities. Maintaining strong partnerships means everything to us. We also wanted to show everyone our new re-brand materials, and explain some of the changes we’ve made in order to serve them better.

Every single customer is unique in their own way. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone at work and interacting in their own personal space or facility. The ultimate insight we derive from these up close and personal situations is invaluable. That’s not something you can catch from a simple email, so for that reason we hit the road to start building relationships with our customers. We began in Hartford, Connecticut and made our way down to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a wonderful experience getting to match customers names with faces. While we couldn’t see every one, we did our best to see as many customers as we could. Some of the great clients we had the chance to see along our way were the folks at Willimantic Waste Paper, Mr. John, Marangi Disposal, CALLAHEAD, Don’s Johns and County Waste.

Our customers mean everything to us, and we know successful companies don’t need suppliers, they need partners. To keep partnerships lasting and strong, we understand a close relationship is necessary. Showing customers we care was paramount on this trip. We wanted to prove our integrity as a reliable partner and assure their trust in us would benefit them greatly. What do day to day operations look like in their facility? What kinds of things are they seeing on their way to work? Every aspect of their environment plays a part in how we produce their graphics. As mentioned previously, the final mission was to show our rebrand first hand, and how our message and values haven’t changed, just improved.

Recently we’ve gone through some company revisions here at Roeda. Our services and ideas haven’t changed in the slightest, we’ve simply honed them in to a central message, and improved every aspect possible. To communicate our updated feel, a friendly sit down and conversation were a must, so we worked on getting our updated message to the people who needed to understand it most: our customers. All in all, we had a great trip and can’t wait to head out for another adventure.

Ryan’s Takeaway: We had a blast getting to meet some of our customers face-to-face for the first time. It was a great experience getting to see how they work and their individual environments and their wants and needs in the ever-changing business. It was also an exciting trip because we just sort of winged it and weren’t sure where we would be staying for the night! We went with the flow with our customers on our mind and made it work. We can’t wait to get a chance to do it again!

Jake’s Takeaway: I’m incredibly glad we got a chance to make the trip. We could really tell that our customers appreciated getting to sit down and talk to us face-to-face as much as we did. It was also incredibly helpful to get a hands-on feel for current trends in the market and helping us understand how to better help our customers moving forward. Old and new products alike, this insight helps us better ourselves and our processes for them. Here’s to a great trip and hopefully another one soon!