Not All Toilets Are Created Equal (And That's Okay)

Imagine how many people you meet in a day? What about a week, or a year? There are so many people out there, and they’re all unique in their own way. Our team knows this concept applies to more than just people. How many different types of portable restrooms are there? Just like people, all of them are different. We understand that different restrooms mean different materials, textures, and overall experiences. Our specialists are constantly working to adapt with the changing industry and keep our products the best on the market.

A big part of the graphics industry is relationships. Not only do we pride ourselves in having wonderful relationships with our customers, we go much deeper than that. One of the biggest relationships in our industry lies between our adhesives and your materials. Like a captivating first date, our adhesives should connect with your portable materials to create the effective, long-lasting relationship that keeps your decals working their hardest. But similar to a first date, it’s not always just right. When that happens, you can be sure we have a solution on hand.

Going back to the fact that all restrooms are not created equal, we know there are companies who have rougher, stronger textures on their portable plastics. Is this textured surface a bad thing? Absolutely not, but it requires a different approach for making that ‘first date’ the lasting relationship you’re looking for.

Flat surfaces? Heavily textured surfaces? At the end of the day, neither are a problem for our team. We took a long, hard look at how adhesives react with textured surfaces and how we could improve their union.

 We’ve studied, tested and crafted both our vinyl and our adhesives to be the perfect match for whatever texture you portables may have. We’re proud to say we have material choices for all kinds of requirements when it comes to your graphics. Ready to get them a try? Give our specialists a call today at 800.829.3021 to get your company decals in the works.