We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

This line from JAWS is quite possibly one of the most quoted lines in movie history. Just about everyone can recall the look on Sheriff Brody’s face when he comes face to face with JAWS for the first time. Never in his wildest dreams did he think they would have to attempt to fit that size shark in their little boat and get it back to shore.

We can all probably relate to that feeling of “uh oh, we’re out of space”. Your seemingly ample “starter home” suddenly seems tiny as you begin to add your 2.5 children and a dog!  The winter coat that fit your 5 year old so perfectly last year is suddenly bursting at the seams as he attempts to put it on this year. And that’s ok, because to us, growth is good! The same can be said of companies.  If the company is doing something right, it will continue to grow. We’ve recently had these revelations here at Roeda.

65 years ago an unassuming sign painter named Neil Roeda purchased a parcel of land in a small town in Illinois. He built his first little company and amply christened it Roeda Signs. As the years went by he became successful in his craft, and he and his wife started a family. As their boys grew and began to step into business with their Dad, that one time perfectly sized little sign shop began to get a little crowded.

Now, fast forward 65 years to present day. Just like Sheriff Brody, Neil probably never envisioned the kind of growth his company would experience. His sons now have their own sons working in this same little shop. Along with the additional family members, dozens of other employees have come on board to accommodate the work load that comes from running a healthy successful growing business. Not to mention the countless pieces of equipment to get the job done right.

So now it looks as if Team Roeda is “gonna need a bigger boat”. We’re very excited for the things to come, and for our valued customers to grow with us. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the Roeda story.