Why Your Company NEEDS Film

When’s the last time you remember going an entire day without seeing some type of film or video? Better yet, an entire hour? The social environment we live in has adopted film as one of the biggest ways of relaying information. Every day we are bombarded with funny viral animal video’s, television news, tutorial’s on how to bake something or a show teaching you more about history. The present, and more importantly the future, is video. Shouldn’t your company be utilizing this powerful medium? Your need for video easily comes down to three major factors:

• Modern Advertising

• Customer Impact

• Creativity

Modern Advertising

Your company thrives on the small nuances that set it apart from major competitors. In today’s fast-paced world, video is the distinction your company’s missing. Personable messages with video visuals are the modern way of advertising to all demographics, which in turn raises your profit margins. We live in a world of likes, shares, posts and reposts. When the right message attracts attention, it can reach thousands of people. It also supports one very big necessity for your company: brand awareness.

Customer Impact

According to Alexa, YouTube is currently the second most used search engine in the world. A video showcasing your company could be searched for right now, to no avail. That’s an enormous market you’re missing out on right now! A market that strengthens the chance of potential clients recognizing you, and more importantly remembering you. The ultimate goal is to give your message staying power long after it’s been presented. That leaves you with a very small window to make a very big impact. Digital Content Next notes that around 80% of all consumers can recall the video ads they’ve watched on the web in the last week. This contrasts the 14% who recall the last display ad they viewed. People resonate with video visuals, especially of a company they’re dealing with. They want to know who the person is on the other end of the phone when they call. Opening up your company to give them a visual tour carries the personal impact you need. Not to mention, introducing them to your staff can make them much more comfortable to work and build lasting relationships with. Comfort and trust are essentials keys in today’s market.


One of best parts about presenting your company on video is the ability to have fun with it! So obviously we’re not suggesting you make a monotone, black and white instructional video about the origin of your company. No, the beauty of film and video is that you can let your creative and fun side really shine. Give your marketing department creative license to share some of their out-of-the-box ideas. When you get creative, your video has the potential to make an impact on a large scale. An impact that gets the conversation going. Once the conversation is going, you’ve made the lasting impact to keep the buzz going long after you’ve left the room. We think it’s about time you get customers talking; about you!